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 In the years 1352 -4, a candle lit, shone, and its light spread little by little.

Thus was the beginning; mercy of Allah the Almighty and sufferings borne by faithful people who loved Islam as religion and as mission!

Thus was the beginning; the many letters of the Iranians who roved throughout the globe for study and trade…

Faithful youths and men fulfilling what they had promised Allah... they saw the world sinking in confusion, deviation and suspicion… they wondered where the propagation of Islam was, and where its human mission was!

They lived there and saw closely the confusion of the people—Muslims and non-Muslims, each looking for the straight way.

Furthermore, the fruitful meetings with his Eminence Ayatollah Tabataba’iy, Allah may have mercy upon him, and with Professor Mahmoud al-Shihabi. Allah may have mercy upon him, just after his return from a journey then, and with other ulema and Shia scholars—all were the motives beyond the establishment of the Ansariyan Publications in the holy city of Qum, granted with blessings of Allah the Almighty, His Messenger, and the Ahl al-Bayt. Like any beginning, it began its way with slow but sure steps and when the glorious Islamic Revolution triumphed, the Ansariyan Publications flourished and grew to be so fruitful.

It is worth mentioning that the Ansariyan Publications, with all its great achievements and contributions in the enrichment of the Arabic, Islamic and universal library, has not been supported by any official or personal side.

The Ansariyan Publications is in spite of the problems, shortcomings, scarce of potentials, continuously taking pride in the remarkable services that it has been presenting to the world.

This site is the fruit of the Ansariyan Publications’ efforts throughout thirty years of continuous serious work. Nevertheless, it considers all its achievements as the first steps in its way, seeking help from Allah and seeking the prayer of our Imam al-Mahdi to be successful so as to keep on its blessed job willingly and sincerely.

Dear user, whose heart is in pain for wronged Islam; whose heart is occupied with the love for the Prophet and his family; whose spirit is filled up with the loyalty to Amir al-Mu’minin Ali, peace be upon him… today, you undertake a serious responsibility through your words, pen, position, skills to guide, and financial abilities, and be it known to you that Allah shall ask us about this responsibility.

Come on, o brethren in belief and humanity, to work and cooperate.

Finally, we pray to Almighty Allah to guide our ummah to success for sake of bringing the true word of Islam to the fore.


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